How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

Author : Neil Patel
Co-founder of NP Digital

SEO can be a brilliant strategy to increase your website traffic but it isn’t always enough.

Why Should You Try to Grow Traffic Without SEO?

This doesn’t mean you completely ignore SEO. All websites, irrespective of their niche, must follow the best SEO practices to avoid being penalized by Google and to ensure the site gets indexed.
The strategies we’ll discuss below can be a helpful addition to a pre-existing SEO plan.
Top Strategies to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO
1. Content Marketing
If you have been reading about digital marketing for a while, you must have heard the term “content marketing.” In simple words, it’s a way to organically advertise your brand through high-quality content.
Content marketing strategies often include blog posts, podcast episodes, infographics, YouTube videos, downloadable PDFs, etc.

2. Paid Ads
Content marketing is beneficial but it can take a lot of money, especially if you’re paying established writers to create original, well-researched posts for you.
Most of these projects also take weeks or months to show results, which isn’t a practical timeline for many businesses.
If you want quicker results with a budget you can control, why not try paid ads?

3. Social Media Strategies
One of the best ways to increase your website traffic is to meet your customers where they like to hang out. Like we discussed earlier, almost everyone is using social media today. Ramping up your social media marketing efforts can help you reach new users, develop brand awareness and increase website traffic.
I wrote a detailed guide to increasing social media followers and boosting engagement. Here’s a summary of the top options to help you grow your website traffic.
• join relevant Facebook groups
• share helpful articles/videos in these groups
• post updates about your company’s latest products
• host contests and giveaways
• Leave thoughtful comments on user-generated content
4. Link Building Strategies
When marketing teams talk about SEO, link building frequently comes to mind. When reputable websites link to your content, the algorithm favors your website and increases its rank on the search page.
Here are some tips for developing effective link building strategies to increase website traffic:

Engage with your audience: Create interesting, shareable posts and encourage your followers to respond and share your content.
Work with PRs: Recruit efficient PRs to help generate brand awareness and distribute your story to your desired audience.
Guest blog intentionally: Choose unique publications that align with your readers’ key interests and post guest blogs on their page.

5. Interact With Other Blogs
Guest blogging is an effective traffic-driving strategy aimed at leveraging somebody else’s audience to widen your brand’s reach.
Why would someone publish your work?
Probably because you’re good at what you do.
Everyone is looking for high-quality content. If you can provide a well-researched, helpful post for free, people are often open to publishing it on their website. After all, it’s benefiting their audience at zero cost.
If you want to find blogs in your industry that are accepting guest posts, use the following search queries to see more specific results:

name of your niche + “write for us”
name of your niche + “submit guest post”
name of your niche + “sites that accept guest posts”
write guest article + ‘name of your niche” + blog
Avoid embedding links in your comments. It comes off as a wretched attempt to plant your flag on someone’s lawn.

Refrain from using the name of your business as your “commenting name.” Use your actual full name instead.

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